“I am most interested in speaking out for our kids who are typically under-represented: Our EC and EL populations…the kids who ended up on the wrong side of the “achievement gap”…even the lack of diversity in some groups, clubs, or sports. If we talk about STEM, then I’m going to look at including more girls and students of color. If we’re talking athletics, then I’m looking out for trans kids.”

About Mike

Mike is a veteran teacher in the CHCCS school district as well as an experienced CHCCS parent.

He taught 4th grade at McDougle for 11 years, and technology at Culbreth for another 5. He was teacher of the year for MES in 2014, and recently held the district’s Pedersen Chair for classroom technology.

Mike’s oldest daughter just graduated from Chapel Hill High (and went to CHCCS schools since Kindergarten). He also has a daughter who will be a junior at Chapel Hill High, and two younger kids who will soon be starting their school careers.

“I think as a veteran teacher,  I will bring a unique perspective to the board. With turnover at Lincoln Center increasing every year, it’s the front line teachers, assistants, and support staff who keep our institutional memory. They need to have a voice at the table.”